Come to Kirkmont and walk the  grounds; see the beauty and diversity of the 274 lush acres that comprise the camp.  These outdoor spaces provide many settings for  renewal and recreation:  the Fen Loop Trail where hikers pass over the fen area on raised boardwalks and see what a river looks like where it begins; the quiet circles of the labyrinth that calm hearts and minds and provide a setting for contemplation; the study pond, busy with the activity of fish and bugs in the day and calm except for the bullfrogs call in the evening hours; and the wide open field where sunshine abounds in the day and night skies can be viewed in their vastness at night.

Come to Kirkmont for outdoor education and see how Kirkmont’s landscape is also a vibrant learning lab.  Consider the Waterfall Hike where one can gaze at hundreds of years of life and earth stacked layer upon layer, a documentation of time passed.  Or the buzzards, one of the most important parts of the camp clean-up crew and the ecosystem, scavengers dining on that which not many others want, showing their size and beauty and gentleness as they line up in a row of three or four and stretch their wide wings on the hillside to warm in the sun.

Come to Kirkmont!  Whether you’re a camper, a parent, a student, or someone who comes to walk the grounds, we hope you will be as excited as we are to take strides in 2015 to recognize the beauty, learning potential, and stewardship opportunity of Kirkmont Center by establishing and launching The Field School at Kirkmont Center.  The Field School will encompass outdoor renewal opportunities; citizen science, inquiry and exploration opportunities for students and learners of all ages, core based curriculum and learning sessions; connections between land, food, and life; and hands-on opportunities in resource stewardship as we explore, learn about, and implement best practices in caring for the Center grounds.

More information and announcements about our earliest activities soon!