Registration from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00; introductions; keynote begins at 10:45; fresh, locally sourced lunch at noon; more programs; and a 3:00 p.m. ending time (although you can stay and hang out or hike).  Most importantly, everything is optional, including staying the night before, perhaps to stargaze.

Around the Edges of Scripture 

You are in an art museum standing in front of a painting of a woman holding a man’s severed head.  The title is “Judith with the Head of Holophernes.”  Or perhaps you are reading Isaacson’s recent biography of Leonardo da Vinci and note the long discussion of his early painting, “Tobias and the Angel.”  Or maybe you see that an orchestra and chorus are performing Handel’s “Susanna.”  So who are Judith, Holophernes, Tobias, and Susanna?


These are characters in stories from the Apocrypha, books that are part of the Catholic and Orthodox Bibles but not the Protestant Bible.  What are those stories?  How did it come to be that there are three different Bibles in the greater church?  Is there anything of value in the Apocrypha for Protestants?  These are the sorts of questions we will be asking about these fuzzy edges of Scripture.


Speaker: Rev. Tim Doty has served Presbyterian congregations in Heartland Presbytery, Miami Valley Presbytery, and is serving as Interim Pastor at FPC in Geneseo, Illinois, in Great Rivers Presbytery. He is an old friend of Kirkmont Center, having served as counselor or director of the Adventure Camp for several years, and on the Board of Trustees. Tim is a graduate of the University of Texas, Austin; Harvard Divinity School; and has a Ph.D. in ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Yale University.

Other program activities will include, “What’s the Plan for Kirkmont Center?” led by Buzz Reed and Rev. Diane Ziegler, service projects, and more.


$18 includes lunch.  Wednesday night lodging, stargazing, and a continental breakfast on Thursday are available for an additional $40.


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