FieldSchoolHomeButtonThe Field School at Kirkmont provides leadership, team building, teacher training, and student development initiatives based on best-practice models and Next Generation Science Standards. Our staff works collaboratively with organizational leaders and learners to offer a wide range of learning topics to students at all learning levels. The diverse landscape at Kirkmont Center offers a wide variety of learning opportunities in many different content areas: meteorology, astronomy, geology, entomology, energy, the growth and development of organisms, forces and interactions and more. Hands-on learning is achieved utilizing many different outdoor resources, including two study ponds, forests, fields, areas layered with rock and geological formations, an archery range. Students experience learning, resulting in significant learning gains and retention.

A high ropes course, giant swing, and low challenge course offer opportunities for leadership skill development and teambuilding. And, over seven miles of trails, an archery range, and other features provide additional opportunities for skill building, personal development, social and emotional skill development, and learning.

If you are interested in customizing an outdoor learning experience for your students, we will be happy to discuss your objectives and work with you to create a meaningful experience for your students that will instill enthusiasm and confidence and achieve academic results.

Outdoor learning opportunities have been an important part of Kirkmont’s work and history since the camp was formed over fifty years ago.  The staff and board of Kirkmont are excited to continue and enhance that history with the expansion of The Field School at Kirkmont, a programmatic arm of Kirkmont dedicated to learning experiences for all ages in a natural environment.

Our calendar of events includes some new activities, such as Family Outdoor Discovery Days.  And we are reaching out to try to serve more schools and more children through day and residential field trips.