Thank you for considering helping us on our path to greatness. Camp is full of opportunities to improve and leave your mark. To help in this process, we have
the projects expressed in hours only.

A way to consider this is say you have 10 volunteers with you. Take any project and divide by 10 and you should get an accurate time-frame for each project.


Lodging is available and lunch will be provided.   Volunteers of all ages and ability levels are welcome. Bring your willingness to work and we’ll make sure you leave with a sense of accomplishment and a full stomach!  Please let us know you’re planning on attending by the Wednesday before the workday.

April Volunteer Work Day

April 27th

Lunch Provided
We will focus on trail maintenance, removing invasive species, flower bed preparation, and pollinator garden planting.  


Winterizing Goodrich Hall

30 Hours

Dining Hall Area needs to be winterized which consists of shrink wrapping windows.   Moving chairs from porches to storage.

Seasonal Program Winter Storage

8 Hours

Canoes, Art, Archery and More.

Cabent Makeover

40 Hours each

Cabents are cabin tents. This is a cabent makeover by adding sides to the structure and screens. Painting and enhancements as needed. 40-hour project per cabent. There are 16 cabents. Our goal is to rebuild 4 this year.

Painting Projects

Time Varies Per Project

Shelter House

Outside of Dunaway

Goodrich Hall Exterior

Interior of Goodrich

Croft Basement

Croft First Floor

Croft Loft

Croft Bed Rooms


15 Hours

20 Hours

80 Hours

40 Hours

40 Hours

40 Hours

20 Hours

40 Hours



15 Hours

Fixing and enhancing this program area.

Coach House Remodel

160 Hours

Complete tear out and removal of items to make way for remodeling.   This job requires gloves, a mask because of dust and a 40-yard dumpster (camp provides).   Tearing out old carpet and emptying a house of old office and storage items. 


20 Hours

May – Painting and patching.

Trail Maintenance

1-100 Hours

Ongoing project of enhancing trails by mulching, building small bridges, clearing down brush, and step building.   Project ranges from 1 hour to 100 hours.


All sump camp volunteers must fill out a volunteer application, provide information for a background check and complete volunteer training.
Age requirements and availability may differ from week to week. 

Volunteer Summer Staff

Volunteer Summer Staff positions are available for each week. Volunteers will be asked to help the Summer Staff perform day-to-day tasks, such as supervising campers, preparing and leading activities, and some general cleaning. It is great for someone that wanted to be on Summer Staff but could commit to the whole summer. 

Volunteer Christian Educators 

Christian Educators develop the curriculum that we provide into lessons for the campers. There is an hour Christian Education lesson for groups each day. The Christian Educator plans and leads outdoor Vespers worship service each evening. 

Volunteer Nurses

Volunteer Nurses area responsible for attending to campers’ medical needs. Nurses dispense medication to campers and apply first aid as directed by our Camp Doctor. A Volunteer Nurse must have a current RN certification. LPN’s can volunteer under the direction of a Volunteer RN.

Additional projects upon request.

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