Volunteer Opportunities at Kirkmont Center

We love our volunteers!

Volunteer Opportunities for the Summer

Looking for a week to work hard and make a difference? One week can make a world of difference in the lives of campers! Join us as a:
Volunteer Auxiliary (Back-Up) Counselors
Two auxiliary counselors serve each week, one male and one female. The auxiliary counselors might lead a small group if we have more campers register than we expect. If there is no need for an additional cabent, the auxiliary counselors can be placed into a cabent where a counselor needs additional support. Auxiliary counselors will also be asked to work on a rotation to give breaks to the other counselors throughout the week. Finally, Auxiliary Counselors will be asked to help out here and there to take some of the stress off of the Summer Staff.
Volunteer Summer Staff
Two volunteer summer staff positions are available for each week. Volunteers will be asked to help the summer staff perform day-to-day tasks, such as cleaning bathrooms and washing dishes. The volunteer summer staff will work under the direction of the paid Summer Staff. This position is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. So if you are a graduating camper who wants to know what it is like to be on Summer Staff, or someone who always wanted to be on Summer Staff but couldn’t schedule it, here is your chance.
Volunteer Nurses
Volunteer Nurses are responsible for attending to campers’ medical needs. Nurses dispense medication to campers, and apply first aid as directed by our camp Doctor. A Volunteer nurse must have a current RN certification. LPN’s can volunteer under the direction of a Volunteer RN.
Volunteer Counselors
Counselors are responsible for the direct care of small groups of campers for the week and stay in the cabents with the campers. Counselors must meet all expectations for ensuring camper safety. Most of us who camped can remember the names of our camp counselors LONG after our camp experiences. Camp counselors make a tremendous difference in the lives of the campers with whom they spend the week, helping with faith formation, building confidence, and having a lot of fun.
Volunteer Christian Educators (CE)
Christian Educators develop the curriculum that we provide into lessons for the campers. There is a one hour CE lesson for small groups each day. The CE plans and leads the outdoor Vespers worship service each evening.
Volunteer Weekly Camp Directors
The Director will help the Kirkmont Staff find and prepare volunteers for the positions of Nurse, Christian Educator, and Counselors for his or her camp. The Director will be responsible for helping to create the schedule for the week and ensure that we are following it. The Director will coordinate and direct volunteers.
All summer camp volunteers must fill out a volunteer application, provide information for a background check and complete online volunteer training. Age requirements and availability differ from week to week.
Apply Online or Download a Paper Application: